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You know,I was thinking exactly the same the other day-it’s all gone a bit quiet.But rest assured if there is any Edward I’ll usually find it and if he’s shirtless it’s worth at least 3 or 4 re blogs ;)

Right? I’m assuming it’s because Unity and Rogue are just around the corner, that and the world seems to have gone all Dragon age on my ass! ha ha. I’ll look out for your posts ;) 

Bless you titwitch, without you there would be next to no Edward on my dash at all these days lol! if any one can recommend any Eddie heavy blogs it would be most appreciated, I miss that obnoxious blond fool!

kenwayer27 asked:

I love everything about your art!!! It is breathtaking! Where did you learn?? Do you havr any tips/ secrets? ;)

Hello there kenwayer27

I am a self taught digital painter and have been painting digitally for the last 6 or so years. I primarily used and still use tutorials in magazines, books and on the web to improve and learn. Imagine fx is a really good monthly Magazine we get in the UK and they release the odd specialist compendium.I Regularly look at other artists work too, I find it constantly motivates, encourages and inspires me to try something new.

I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone who wants to get into realism of any kind these two books by James Gurney




He paints traditionally so they won’t teach you how to use Photoshop at all but they will teach you the fundamentals and principles of painting pretty much anything in a realistic way. It will help build a really strong foundation in laws that are applicable to realism no matter what medium you use. Personally I am finding them to be an absolute godsend. 
Its also presented in really nice format, It can be read as book if you want to just flat out read it but each section and subsection stands alone much like a magazine so you can get straight to something you want to explore with ease.

hope that helps ;)

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