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Q : What Software/hardware do you use?

A : Wacom Bamboo tablet / PSE 8

Sorry I do not take requests unless I have otherwise stated they are open, I am available for commission with prices starting from £35, for a full list of prices please head to my deviantart page ;)

for more of my work please visit
instagram http://instagram.com/jodeeeart,

my deviantart page : http://jodeee.deviantart.com/


drparisa asked
your art is absolutely beautiful :D

Thank you very much drparisa *blushes* I love your blog so much ;)

vriska-serket-h8s-you asked
Your art is amazing!!!

Thank you very much @vriska-serket-h8s :)

erwins-eyebrows-of-freedom asked
theeblackraven reposted your anne bonny artwork. =/

Thank you very much for the heads up @erwins-eyebrows-of-freedom

theeblackraven I don’t mind people sharing my work but I do mind if it’s unsourced. you should always credit an artist, It’s just good manners. I would have sent you a message/ask privately but I can’t.