In the US its technically illegal but then it…isn’t. Its a confusing concept XD I still don’t understand it even though it was explained to me before. I don’t like the selling of fanworks nor will I commission someone to draw me fanworks

There is certainly a lot of confusion and conflicting information out there surrounding the whole issue and it makes it difficult to understand what is and isn’t allowed. In some countries, I know its completely tolerated for someone to sell fan art and other unofficial merch on a stand at a convention whereas over here or like you say, in the US is a big fat no no! Yet people can sell Parodies of licensed work here - no problem. Most people get away with it so I guess it leaves you with the moral conundrum “should I? shouldn’t I?”

I’m like yourself, I just stay away because I know at the end of the day, If I put myself in the shoes of the creator - well I’d be pretty darn angry about that!

Anonymous asked:

Hello! I absolutely LOVE your artwork and think you deserve to have so much more recognition than you already have! I was wondering, even with Rebel and Unity coming out, will Edward still receive some of your love an attention?

Thank you lovely Anon, you’re too kind ;)

Edward will always receive plenty of both love and attention from me. He’s my absolute favourite Assassin without a doubt. The only Kenway for me. I know he wasn’t to everybody’s taste but he floated my boat ( yeah I said it ha ha - i know, eww )

veleno-fiore asked:

Hi! I really really love all of your artwork, especially your assassins creed work! Do you have a store to buy prints from you? c:

Hello there veleno-fiore Thank you very much for your kind words.

Unfortunately I don’t have a print shop set up anywhere yet, I might Give a shop a try if I get enough interest in setting one up though. I have a pretty Decent A3 printer at home so when a commissioner currently wants a print, I just do so in house at the minute so to speak ;)

You wouldn’t be able to buy any Assassin’s creed prints from me at all unfortunately, even if I had an online shop. It’s Fan art and I cannot legally sell prints of licensed material it’s copyright infringement, at least here in the UK that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I know a lot of people still do it, I’ve seen loads of it on society 6 and Etsy etc but personally, I don’t agree with doing it. I love Assassin’s creed (you might be able to tell, just a little you might be getting that feeling from this blog ha ha) I make my fan art to show my support and love for the franchise rather than rip off the people who put all that hard work into making the games I adore.

Fan art in itself is a pretty grey area, I’ve seen some argue that technically its actual existence is Illegal and it’s just very tolerated and if we’re honest pretty difficult to police. I can’t imagine it’s too great for a companies image to publicly nail a fan to wall for mere appreciation either really. I’m sure most big companies would agree that  Fan art  is nothing if not great for a brand. It does the job for them. Fans promoting the product to existing and potentially new fans, keeping them current and relevant in the minds of their audience.
Besides I want to make a decent career and reputable name for myself as an artist and somehow, I don’t think copyright infringement looks too good on the old CV.  

I’m really Sorry if that turned into a bit of a monologue there, it’s just a subject I’ve always felt kinda strongly about.

so to your answer your question, Yes, I sell prints of my original works to order - independently, no grabby middle man. ;) 

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