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Q : What Software/hardware do you use?

A : Wacom Bamboo tablet / PSE 8

Sorry I do not take requests unless I have otherwise stated they are open, I am available for commission with prices starting from £35, for a full list of prices please head to my deviantart page ;)

for more of my work please visit
instagram http://instagram.com/jodeeeart,

my deviantart page : http://jodeee.deviantart.com/


Anonymous asked
hey your art is amazing! if you don't mind my asking, how long have you been drawing? (didn't see it on the FAQ so I'm sorry if it is a common question!)

It’s not a problem, I have been drawing for as long as
I can remember. I’ve been painting digitally for around 5yrs.

thanks for the ask :)

maadenmade asked
hey jodie, just wondering if you use textures? like the leathery hat in your recent physician painting. Or is it brushes?

Ola, I don’t use textures at all, I use my own custom brushes.
I’ve only just started making them, they’re a real time saver ;) 

drparisa asked
your art is absolutely beautiful :D

Thank you very much drparisa *blushes* I love your blog so much ;)

vriska-serket-h8s-you asked
Your art is amazing!!!

Thank you very much @vriska-serket-h8s :)

erwins-eyebrows-of-freedom asked
theeblackraven reposted your anne bonny artwork. =/

Thank you very much for the heads up @erwins-eyebrows-of-freedom

theeblackraven I don’t mind people sharing my work but I do mind if it’s unsourced. you should always credit an artist, It’s just good manners. I would have sent you a message/ask privately but I can’t.