gorillaluau asked:

Jodie I LOVE your painting style!!! Do you have any painting tutorials? I want to be able to speed paint like you do!! Also do you smudge and use different layers? Or do you use one brush and one layer?

gorillaluau thank you very much ;)

I don’t have any tutorials per-say, just a couple of process pieces.
Brushes vary, sometimes I use the smudge, sometimes I use a variety of different brushes other times I just use one. In the last one I just posted I used one brush for Edward - the standard hard round preset varying only opacity and size and if i’m honest that’s probably the brush I tend to favour.  I used a custom brush to create the splashyness of the back ground. I painted that one on 2 layers, in fact all my speedies are pretty much just two layers. 

One tip I think I found invaluable starting out, is never start a painting on a stark white background, even a shade of off white is preferable.  I personally start with a mid tone that fits the mood of my painting, it can speed a process up no end and I find the colours really do interact better with each other. 
This article explains it better than I probably can. I know it talks about Canvas prep but I would say the principles and reasons are completely transferable to digital painting.

I know I say it all the time but practice is the best piece of advice I can give anyone. Practice helps you get a better understanding of both your subject and the tools at your disposal. There’s also no shame in using reference from time to time either. I have just started reading colour and light & imaginative realism both by James Guerney and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who wants to venture into fantastical realism.

sorry for the long winded answer, hope it helps ;) 

artistic-to-infinity asked:

Your artwork is stunning! I was wondering if you're okay with your art being used as reference pictures with credit? I understand if not because a lot of effort goes into it of course. Thanks ☺️

artistic-to-infinity Firstly thank you very much for having the courtesy to ask, It’s very appreciated. If it’s for a purely personal piece and completely non commercial, then sure, go ahead! So long as you credit me with a link to the original image and my deviant url -  that’s absolutely fine.

Also if you could send me a link to your finished piece that would be awesome, I’d love to see what you some up with ;) 

mme-curie said: Good god! Come here you sexy man and let me caress yoursilky tresses and rugged stubble! Mmmmm. Texture contrasts. I bet he smells good too….

mme-curie Yeah, totally looks like the kind of guy that leaves a waft of aftershave behind. Maybe a trail of rose petals too.  

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